Saturday, October 27, 2018

More overlays 2

Below are examples of more fonts that now can use overlays to easily display two or more colors.

With layering, there are colorful ways to use RoundUpShadow
 CourtGesture has a hollow top. Adding an "Inside" font with the same spacing allows one to fill the top with any color one wants. The rest of the font can also take on any color.
 ShadyCharacters was designed to remind one of trees. Here the "trees" have autumn colors that are provide with an overlay that fills in the hollow top.
FlagDay is an almost unreadable font. The striped style is layered on top of a solid style and on some of the letters below, there is an outline style as well.
It was derived from FourJuly.
There are more to come.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

More overlays

Recently I have taken apart several typefaces that were outlined or shadowed so that the parts could be reassembled in layers to give multicolored letters. (A first example is here.) Below are more examples.

First, LifeAfterCollege:
It is probably possible to get these effects with some software, but with overlays many more programs can give the effect.

There were also some fonts that could be layered without any changes, such as Kolkman, which had shattered and striped versions.

Also Zebraw and Porker: