Wednesday, July 25, 2018

FontSpring revivals

IngrimayneType has had a few fonts listed at FontSpring since 2015. Recently I have added most of the rest of the Ingrimayne Collection to the site. Included are several oldies that I had retired. One revival is Bouncer, which may have been the first typeface I designed. I designed a version not in Fontographer but with a freeware or shareware bitmap editor in the late 1980s and then did a PostScript version when I purchased Fontographer.
 IanSegoe was an early attempt at a medieval-looking typeface. Preliminary versions were named Laudens. I think Benescriptine is a more successful medieval-looking typeface but this earlier effort may fit some needs.
 I have put letters on a number of things, including bowling pins, coffee cups, placardsbuttonsChristmas ornaments, teapots, and even railroad cars. Stamper put them on stamps.
Monospaced fonts are an interesting challenge because wide letters and narrow letters fit are given the same space. With the demise of the typewrite, there is little use for them, but they still are fun to design. FeggoliteMono was an attempt to push the limits of what a monospaced typeface could look like. Long ago I did a variation that lessened its weirdness but gave it a slant. For some reason I never did a version without a slant until I added FeggoliteUpright at Fontspring.
These four all have limited uses and all are priced at the minimum price allowed on Fontspring, which is $5.00. The other typefaces I am adding have prices based on what they are on