Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Revisions to XRoominghouse, deconstructing ValenteenaContour

I recently made some improvements and corrections to the dingbat typeface XRoomingHouse, available on MyFonts. The old version was not capable of producing the frames in the font poster below.
I have also been working on breaking apart some outlined or inlined typefaces. The result is that by layering the resultant fonts, one can get multi-colored letters. With the old version of ValenteenaContour, the ring and the inside kernel of a letter had to be the same color. Now each of the letters can have three colors, one for the inside, one for the middle ring, and one for the outside ring.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New from Ingrimayne: CemeteryWalk

CemeteryWalk was designed for a cemetery-walking-tour event. It features upper-case letters (derived from the font Roundup) on tombstones. It has two styles, a regular style with black letters on white stones and a bold style with white letters on black stones. It is caps only, with the lower-case letters having different shapes for the tombstones but the same letters as in the upper case. The regular style can be overplayed on the bold version to create colored letters on colored grave markers.
Now available at fontspring and myfonts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

FontSpring revivals

IngrimayneType has had a few fonts listed at FontSpring since 2015. Recently I have added most of the rest of the Ingrimayne Collection to the site. Included are several oldies that I had retired. One revival is Bouncer, which may have been the first typeface I designed. I designed a version not in Fontographer but with a freeware or shareware bitmap editor in the late 1980s and then did a PostScript version when I purchased Fontographer.
 IanSegoe was an early attempt at a medieval-looking typeface. Preliminary versions were named Laudens. I think Benescriptine is a more successful medieval-looking typeface but this earlier effort may fit some needs.
 I have put letters on a number of things, including bowling pins, coffee cups, placardsbuttonsChristmas ornaments, teapots, and even railroad cars. Stamper put them on stamps.
Monospaced fonts are an interesting challenge because wide letters and narrow letters fit are given the same space. With the demise of the typewrite, there is little use for them, but they still are fun to design. FeggoliteMono was an attempt to push the limits of what a monospaced typeface could look like. Long ago I did a variation that lessened its weirdness but gave it a slant. For some reason I never did a version without a slant until I added FeggoliteUpright at Fontspring.
These four all have limited uses and all are priced at the minimum price allowed on Fontspring, which is $5.00. The other typefaces I am adding have prices based on what they are on

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Triumph of the Sans Serif

Looking over the top 50 best sellers at earlier this week, I was impressed at how many were sans serif.  The exceptions were #4, a Japanese typeface, #23, the only serifed font on the list, and six script fonts at #s 28, 29, 33, 38, 41, and 44. (If you check the rankings, they will undoubtedly be different because they change day to day.)

My selection of san serif fonts is shown here, though some of my decorative fonts are also sans serif (see here). None of them are even in the top 5000 of fonts at (I am not sure how many fonts myfonts has--it keeps increasing and must be at least 40,000.)

One san-serif font is so popular that it starred in a movie. You can see it on youtube here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A couple of CDs with fonts from IngrimayneType

I have had these CDs for a while but I do not think I posted about them. The first is Woven Cord by Iona. The font used is Unikled.

The second is from a CD titled Cameo: Emotional Violence. The font RedLetter is used to list the songs.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Salloon at Black Barts

Recently I was visiting in Flagstaff, AZ and my host took me to what he promised would be an unusual restaurant, Black Barts, located at the back of a RV park.
The waitstaff at Black Barts also provides the entertainment, singing a variety of show tunes and other popular songs. Usually only one singer/waiter at a time was on stage, but for one song almost all were on stage. 
I requested the Major General song from The Pirates of Penzance, but was told that the person who performs it was not working that night.

However, the highlight for me was the menu, which was limited but which used my font Salloon

Here is another page with more examples.

None of the letters are kerned, so the menu may be using an early version of the font that I released as shareware. The versions that are on kern the WA and other commonly kerned pairs.

I have no connection with any of the other fonts used on the menu.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A new font editor

There is a new font editor available, and what makes this one different is it is on-line and browser-based. I have not tried it and may not because it only outputs TrueType fonts. See it at