Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Updating fonts

I have been busy the past three months updating typefaces for and There has been a re-learning curve and a new learning curve to overcome. I initially thought I would add OpenType and leave the other formats, but eventually I have decided to drop the old PostScript and Macintosh TrueType format and end with only OpenType-PS and TrueType formats.

For many fonts I am adding the central or eastern European characters. There are over one hundred of them, but most of them are simply a matter of combining things that are already there. I found that on, a font needs the eth and throrn characters to be considered having the western European diacritics. Those were the two characters I usually left out.

Above is a poster (720 by 360 png file) that I uploaded to myfonts to show the heavily revised XLaserTrain font. The old version had simply taken bits from the LetterTrain fonts. This one added a lot of train cars, which the picture is supposed to show.