Monday, October 24, 2011


This past summer I spent a week in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and, while there, walked around Saint Stephen Catholic Church. The church has a statue of Pope John Paul II with inscriptions on the base in English, Spanish, and Polish.
At the time I had spent many hours adding Central European diacritics to my typefaces, so I was startled to see the E ogonek on the inscription.
Does it jump out at you that the ongonek is backward? The hook should point to the right, not the left.

In addition, the slashed L is not correctly drawn--the slash is far too low. It should be about halfway up the stem.

I did not get all my Polish letters correct according to the instructions that are here. I tried to make them look aesthetically pleasing and sometimes I violated the rules. However, I do not think I ever had the ogonek backward.

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