Thursday, June 16, 2016

Salloon at Black Barts

Recently I was visiting in Flagstaff, AZ and my host took me to what he promised would be an unusual restaurant, Black Barts, located at the back of a RV park.
The waitstaff at Black Barts also provides the entertainment, singing a variety of show tunes and other popular songs. Usually only one singer/waiter at a time was on stage, but for one song almost all were on stage. 
I requested the Major General song from The Pirates of Penzance, but was told that the person who performs it was not working that night.

However, the highlight for me was the menu, which was limited but which used my font Salloon

Here is another page with more examples.

None of the letters are kerned, so the menu may be using an early version of the font that I released as shareware. The versions that are on kern the WA and other commonly kerned pairs.

I have no connection with any of the other fonts used on the menu.