Thursday, January 17, 2019

New fonts for Halloween and Christmas

Until recently the InsideLetters family had only one family member, InsideLetters. An upgrade that was added to at the beginning of January added two more family members, InsideLettersHalloween and InsideLettersXmas. The first puts the letters from InsideLetters on pumpkins and the second puts them on Christmas tree ornaments. Most of the characters in these two additions already existed in remote unicode slots in the typefaces Brrrrr and HeyPumkin but only the most patient would want to dig them out and use them. These new faces make them easily available.
 In addition, by using layers or by using several characters that are zero-width, the lettering can have three colors: the letters themselves, the outline of the pumpkin or ornament, and the color of the pumpkin or ornament. There are files in the gallery that explain how this can be done.

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