Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Something new, something old

Several font families from IngrimayneType have recently been added to

Bouncer was the first typeface I designed. The original was a bitmapped font done with a shareware or freeware program in 1988 or 1989 and it was later redone as a type 3 PostScript font. It has a simple design: bits of a circle are removed to make the letters of the alphabet. Lower-case letters are smaller versions of the upper-case letters.
As I was reviving this old font, I decided to play with the circle theme a bit more. BouncerTwo is based on interlocking circles with bits cut out to make the letters. It is visually striking but quite hard to read.

When searching for some family history in an 90-year-old college student newspaper, I was struck by the lettering of the title. Examining it closely, I realized it was hand drawn. I thought it was be an interesting challenge to complete the alphabet based on the three upper-case and nine lower-case letters. SJURecord is the result.
In the mid 1990s the makers of Fontographer gave it the capability to blend two typefaces if the points defining it lined up correctly. I played with that capability to produce several hybrid fonts. One was a blend of RoundUp and WyomingSpaghetti. Until this year I had not submitted it to It there now, RoundWhy, in two weights.

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